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This gives a whole new meaning to it’s a dog’s life! Clifford is an Anatomically Correct Dog Penis, it is a top quality toy and lots of fun for those with an adventurous or kinky spirit!

Dimensions: 8 inches

Order Code: 01-1028-01-1

Crystal Cote 
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Sumptuously soft, pliable and ribbed for ultimate pleasure. Dual-cote Crystalessence material creates a unique two-tone appeal. Sturdy Suction cup for added stability.

Dimensions: 7 Inches

Order Code: 3002025014

Double Wide Gigadong 
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Made with firm, flesh coloured PVC it stands 22cm high (9 inches) and is fetishly wide - 9 cm at the head (3½ inches) and 12cm (5 inches) at its widest point at the base. This toy features a strong, suction cup base, and so is free standing.

Dimensions: 9 Inches

Order Code: w21006011

Fat Man In A Barrel 
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The biggest in the Barrel range. This whopper is 8" high, 4" at its widest point and is fairly firm, made of PVC.

Dimensions: 8 Inches

Order Code: w11067011

Fat Man Megadong 
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When only the biggest will satisfy, you need the Fat Man Megadong.

Totally giant-sized head measures 2 inches across and tapers down the nine inch shaft to a whopping 5 inches. Can you take this?

The name speaks for itself. The MEGA sized Megadong is just so big! You won't find bigger than this. The ultimate challenge.

Don't forget the lube!

Order Code: 01-1211-01-1

Foreskin F*cking Good 
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The Foreskin Fucking features gentle ridges and ripples of foreskin right down the shaft, and a cute glans poking out at the top! It's made with a firm but slightly pliable PVC in a gorgeous flesh colour, and has just a hint of pink along the balls and head.

Measures: 8 inch tip to base (6½ inch insertable), and it's 2 inches thick (7 inches around).

We love this toy!

Dimensions: 7.5 Inches

Order Code: 01-1070-01-1

Giga Dong  
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The Gigadong is the biggest dildo we have ever seen. In fact, it's mind blowing.

It measures almost 10" high and a full 4" wide along the shaft. But the real beauty of this enormous dildo is its flared head which is wide and smooth! So big it weighs a whopping 1.5KG unpackaged!!
This is one to watch out for, can they really make any bigger than this?

Dimensions: 10 Inches x 4 Inches

Order Code: 01-1212-01-1

Jolly Good Giant 
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Heads up for The Jolly Good Giant Dong
Whopping sized dildo with a pointed head and no-balls base, the Jolly Good Giant will satisfy the fantasies of those that yearn after the largest dildo you can imagine.

Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 2 Inches

Order Code: 02-1221-01-1

Long Neck Goose 
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Sometimes, getting goosed is a good thing! Especially when it's with the Long Neck Goose! This toy is 13" long (9" insertable). It's 1.5" thick (4.5" around) at the head, and the shaft is 1" thick (3.5" around).
This toy also has a bendable wire inside, so you can adjust the curve to hit the right spot!
Great for anal or vaginal play

Dimensions: 13 Inches

Order Code: 01-1018-01-1

Man In A Barrel 
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This is a mighty toy. Measuring 8½" from head to toe, the head is 2½" wide (at its widest point) and the body is 3½" wide! Another great design.

Dimensions: 8.5 inches

Order Code: w11062011

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MANTRIX for hardcore processing. Acrylic solid dildo, Nonvibrating.

Order Code: 7286

Matador 12" Dong 
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The Big, Black 12 Inch Matador Dildo is a ribbed penis head dildo that's not only nice and long (12 inches!), it's thick too - at 2½ inches wide.

In jet black firm PVC, this is a delicious big black dildo that will have you screaming in pleasure.

Dimensions: 12 x 2.5 Inches

Order Code: 01-6822-01-1

Mighty Joe Long 
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This is the biggest dildo you can imagine! If you're into Giant Sized Dildos, then the Homo Gigantus is for you.

From tip to toe the Homo Gigantus measures 15" long plus suction cup base to make it free standing. It is 2¾" thick (9¼" around) just below the head, and 3½" thick (11¾" around) at the base.

Has hand painted pink tip and balls base.

Dimensions: 15 Inches

Order Code: w11073011

Mobys Dick 
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This is modelled from a whale penis. Anatomically correct - the Moby's Dick measures a whopping 14 inches. Flesh coloured - it is firm and not for the faint hearted! It tapers from 4 inches thick at the base to 1½ inches thick at the head. Go on - you'll have a whale of a time. As admired (!) by Cyndi Lauper on the Graham Norton show!

Dimensions: See Description above

Order Code: 01-1008-01-1

Mr Ed 
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Fancy a guy that’s hung like a horse? A horse is a horse of course… and what a whopper! Mr Ed. is an anatomically correct horse penis which measures a huge 20 inches! With a thick, hungry 3 inch girth.

Dimensions: 20 Inches

Order Code: 01-1005-01-1

Spectragels-smooth tool  
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Dimensions: 18cm

Order Code: 3831

The Fist  
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Fist shaped dildo, flesh coloured 35cm.

Dimensions: 35cm

Order Code: 0025

The Great American Challenge 
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Are you ready for it?

Dimensions: 11 Inches

Order Code: 3001027004

The Hand 
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All black dildo hand.

Dimensions: 21 cm

Order Code: ab13

The Hand  
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Hand shaped dildo 40cm

Order Code: 3215

The HUGE 3 Bangs for your Butt 
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This toy is most certainly NOT for the faint hearted! A real triple-treat measuring a whopping 11½ inches (10½ inches of this is insertable) and the huge plugs will certainly break you in at 3 inches, 3½ inches to 4 inches!

The toy is not rigid, it has a good degree of flexibility/bendability.

To wash simply give a good soaping, rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.

Dimensions: Huge

Order Code: 02-1061-01-1